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My uncle has a severe health condition called hyperparathyroidism and cannot afford the medical costs.  For the rest of March and April, any proceeds I make from music commissions will go toward his hospital bills.

Commission information here:
Music Commissions (Open)[Updated prices.]
Hello all! I am offering music commissions now! I am currently substitute teaching (which can be spotty at best), so it would give me great pleasure to be commissioned to write music. We'll see how this goes.
I have experience composing and arranging choral, band, orchestral, and small ensemble works. I have a B.S. in music education and have studied composition under Jackson Berkey, co-founder of Mannheim Steamroller. My arrangements and original compositions have been performed on tours all over the United States, as well as in Germany, the Czech Republic, and China.
Here are a few examples of my full works:
(This work is officially copyrighted in the Library of Congress. Please do not steal or reproduce.)
(This is an a Capella SATB piece. Just the soprano line is showing.)
(This is another a Capella SATB piece, again with only the soprano line visible.)
(Here is the first movement of a full orchestral expansion of the piece To Neaera. Only the choral parts are show

If you'd rather donate directly to his fund, you can through this GoFundMe campaign my father started.

If you can neither commission me nor donate, it would bless me and my uncle if you shared this journal.  Heart
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